The Griffith Years
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This coming spring season take the time to check out Wayne Carini on his Motor Trend television show, "Chasing Classic Cars." Wayne recently found a "garage-find" Series 200 in the Washington, DC area and we took the trip to Katie's Cars & Coffee in Great Falls, VA to check out his car. The show featuring his new find should be airing during the new season which starts in March, 2020.

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We now have a new Dedicated Griffith and early TVR restoration shop.
At the current time a Series 200 is nearing completion and a Series 400 is on the chassis-replace fixture preparing for a complete restoration.
Let us know if you have a Griffith or early TVR that might need repairs or a restoration. We offer chassis replacement, both bonded-in or body-bolted on your car. Our new chassis and component jigs are of the highest quality.
Our chassis and components are of original mild steel and you may order specialized chromoly components.
We will be offering both the 85.5" or 90" wheelbase chassis depending on your needs and particular vehicle.
Our chassis jig can accommodate any of the common differentials; Corvette, Jaguar-style Salisbury, Early Griffith TVR-style or the more updated Ford 8.8 center sections.
Suspension components are of the highest quality. We are currently working on producing a stronger rear upright section that is of a stronger construction than the original. Should you need a competition chassis and suspension setup our shop can accommodate your needs. Contact us at
Here are some of the photos of the ongoing work: