The Griffith Years
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News and Information

Last year at the GOGT-16, we made an historic announcement. In February, 2016, after a waiting period of 10 years as the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) sought to receive any objections or protests regarding registration of the Griffith trademark, logo, products and car shape, we were informed that none were received.
With all of the legal work completed the Griffith name, trademark, logo and shape of automobile are safely registered and preserved for all time. It is no longer Public Domain and cannot be used without licensing by the Griffith Motorcar Company.
At the current time we are exploring the possibility of introducing the Griffith "G-2", or Generation 2 automobile. Based on the Series 400 body, this new component car is planned to be built on the original 85.5" wheelbase body and then offered in a 90" wheelbase model.
Since there was one Griffith roadster built, and eventually driven in limited SCCA competition, we will be exploring the possibility of producing a 90" wheelbase roadster model and, down the line, a reproduction of the original Series 200 body style. Marketing feasibility will dictate our direction.
We have conferred with a member of the SVRA competition department and was told that if we "...make the car cosmetically correct and prepared to be powered with the original [design] powerplant (i.e., Ford 289/302 smallblock)..." that they (SVRA) would put "...wheels on the track, because Factory Five needs competition."
This is an exciting time for the marque and for us all.
The chassis jig was delivered to the fabricator last June. We have acquired some of the required body molds and are having the remaining molds prepared for completion.
We have made inroads with electrical harness, rear windscreen, instrumentation and suspension manufacturers and suppliers for a limited production of the first year of introduction.
We hope to be able to roll out a prototype for the GOGT-17 at Mid-Ohio next June, 2017.
Chassis design will remain as an exact copy but incorporating some strengthening factors. The new chassis will be able to be used on the original bodies with no necessary alterations. Suspension attach points will be as the original and the differential mounting points will be available for the original TVR and Salisbury differentials and also for the Corvette and an updated Ford 8.8" IRS rear ends.
We will also be looking into incorporating a feature to permit all the differentials to be removed from the bottom, rather than the current "remove the rear windscreen and take it out the top" function.
Rear uprights and control arms will be re-engineered but the original style uppers and lowers, both front and rear, will be available for the restoration community. Brakes will be updated with discs at all four corners.
We are currently working with an engineering staff to be able to use upper and lower ball joints on the front end rather than continuing with the trunnion setup.
Steering rack will be a more up-to-date and available in power assist.
The rolling body and chassis design is planned to be set up to accept the Ford small block engines and mounts for the Ford toploader or T5 transmissions. Original style instrumentation, front and rear lighting, non-Lucas harness, seating, tires and rims are planned to be included and body is scheduled to be in gel-coat, ready for the color of your choice.
When the prototype is nears completion and parts suppliers are put in place the pricing schedule should be ready.
Keep an eye on this site for any further developments for this exciting new car.