The Griffith Years
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Celebrating the 55th Anniversary
of the Griffith Motorcar

Jack Griffith inspecting a Series 200

NOTE: The Gathering of Griffiths & TVRs has been postponed this year.
See the GOGT page for information.
We will be bringing further information to the website on the upcoming Griffith G2 as well as the new Griffith book,
"Griffith, the car, the man, the legend"..
 The work on the G2 is moving along as we evaluate the entire design and engineering of the car. We have been faced with several mold problems in our making sure that the early-on evils of design are removed from production.
The plans are to introduce the Series 400, 85.5" wheelbase, then a 90" wb, a 90" wb roadster and then a pair of Series 200 85.5" wb cars, one the coupe and the other a roadster. Lots of work are on the table.
We are also accumulating much more history of the Griffith marque in not only the TVR and Intermeccanica-based cars but in other fields that Jack Griffith moved in and out of.